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           The Yu family, with the accession wood notes : dealers to join : 1, be faithful to the Yu family trees, with the brand, dealers must love toys cause of adult intelligence, Toys product sales or agency experience priority. 2. dealers have their sales channels and a certain guarantee of capital. 3, dealers have a fixed place of business, transport facilities, such as shopping malls, schools, buildings and other places to set up a special counter The company is responsible for the standardized design style. distribution methods : Kuandaofahuo. You play a series of wooden homes, with the volume set of 10 sets. In my company on the principle of fair competition for all the dealers on all free Jiamengbi. Dealers have the same powers : 1, the dealers enjoy the equal right to purchase by the markup. 2. the company achieved sales of a priority after the agency agreement signed between regional powers. 3, access to the power distribution priority Distribution company's products. You like playing with wooden home series and other range of products. Dealers obligations : one, do the customers in the region after sales service. Timely feedback to the Corporation market information. 2, standardize the market in the region, the products must not be less than the minimum retail price. 3, no inter-regional operators. 4, active in the region five operations, and actively carry out various travel home to play wood brand development activities. report to the Corporation for approval filing. After-sales service companies : one company for the overall advertising and planning, regional advertising by dealers to take care of themselves. 2, dealers after purchase if quality issues, packaging is not damaged in the premise can be returned to Division I swap. 3, the company provides outbound Andrew Wood playing the Distribution brand power of attorney. The company has the right over the power of final interpretation. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us, reviewed by, signed to "Andrew Wood playing adult educational toys chain operation agreement." Please provide the following details : business licenses, tax registration certificate, a copy of identity, biographical notes and the City address, The above information is available Speedpost or faxed to the shuertai Limited. Warm welcome to all levels of agents factory visit and inspect. With business license or ID card agency agreement signed      
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