1. Arrange materials according to different timbers, specifications and sizes.
2. Make sure that timbers are not suffered from moth, mildew and nigrescence.



1. Make sure of pile-up density according to different specifications and humidity of timbers.
2. Dry at different time and under different temperature according to different timbers and different temperatures.
3. Timber can be taken out of drying chamber until 12 ° C.



1. Cogging Procedures: opening —》 finish plane —》 breaking
2. All-round examination for cogging.
3. Testing items for semi-finished products.
Surface: being flat and slippery, with no burr and crack.
Sizes: conforming to customer's final confirmed sample or drawing.



1.Painting Procedures: Polishing —〉 Priming —〉 Polishing —〉 Oil Blowout
2. The purchased paint and ink should be confirmed to be nontoxic before use by authoritative quality inspection organizations.
(Refer to the attached for details: the inspection certificate issued by ETL SEMKO Shanghai 【 ITS 】 , or the test certificate issued by Yangzhou Inspection Office for Import & Export Toys, P.R.C.)
3. Lacquering Standard
Surface: conforming to customer's requirements on brightness, surface being slippery, evenly painted, with no fading and paint remains.
Color: conforming to customer's final confirmed sample, with no chromatic aberration in the same lot.



1、The silkscrean printing standard:
Surface: no color come off, cutting line, no mistake in placement, clear picture.



1. All finished products are subject to all-round examination by quality inspection department.
2. Testing Items
Surface: being flat and slippery, no burr, firmly connected with no crack.
Sizes: conforming to customer's final confirmed sample.



Package Examination:
Auxiliary Materials: the label, color box, bar code and etc. should conform to the product and contract stipulations.
Quantity: conforming to the quantity stipulated in contract.



Finished products are warehoused only after they are certified to sampling examination by factory's quality inspection department

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